Mobile Machinery

Our Mobile Machinery scope covers the whole range of Jaw Crushers, Impact Crushers, Cone Crushers, as well as mobile vibrating screens such as Inclined and Scalping screening machines.

Stationary Facilities

For big scaled projects, we design and manufacture stationary facilities covering the whole crushing and screening process. Installation and afterward supplying are included in this scope.

hybrid technology
Hybrid Technology

There are lots of advantages to using a Diesel-Electric drive. In the first place, the fuel consumption is significantly less than the hydraulic drive which is really an effective impact on the overall costs (20-40% less than hydraulic models).

On the other hand, Diesel-Electric machines require significantly less hydraulic oil, which reduces the costs of oil changes.

Productivity & Efficiency

When the engineering covers every detail high accurately, as well as the build quality, it makes the product flow fluent as a river into the veins of the machine.

This ends up with Low Operating Costs, High Uptime, and High Productivity, which all of the operators are looking for...

Ease of Use

Wireless control allows controlling the whole unit by pushing buttons and only one person is enough for control.

Ease of Maintenance

Each unit has its own drive, so it makes it easy to understand and troubleshoot the problems fast.

Job Security

All the rotating units are covered by guards to work safely. Dust reduction system embedded in order to reduce dust spread.

Performance & Efficiency

Each unit works independently which allows it to reach maximum performance and give the best efficiency during the work.

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' Boratas Mobile Machinery ' Catalogue.

Boratas Stationary Crushing and Screening Machines PDF Catalogue


' Boratas Stationary Crushing and Screening ' PDF Catalogue.

If still you don't know which machine is the best solution for your projects, please feel free to apply for our consultancy service , so our engineers will send you a technical offer with the highest rate of productivity and efficiency according to your project.

Aggregates Aggregates Production

Crushing and screening aggregates can make any demolition and construction project more cost-effective and sustainable.

Recycling Construction Recycling

Crushing and screening equipment can be used in the reduction and separation of recycled raw materials, into usable secondary aggregates or sands.

Mining Mining Industries

Crushers and Screens are used in mining operations commonly for crushing and classifying the ore to desired fractions.